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Under Investigation? Why you need an attorney now

In the video above, the reporter, who is a lawyer, discusses the paramount importance of proactive legal representation. The reporter strongly advises individuals to seek an attorney’s counsel even before encountering legal troubles or law enforcement contact. He sheds light on the deceptive nature of law enforcement approaches, cautioning against giving statements without legal protection, as law enforcement lacks the authority to offer deals or immunity.

The narrative then delves into a compelling real-life scenario, illustrating the potential legal pitfalls individuals may face. A client, having witnessed a traumatic accident and acting as a good Samaritan, found himself unexpectedly under investigation for vehicular homicide.

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The timely decision to contact TBON investigations lawyer prevented the client from inadvertently providing statements that could compromise their legal standing. The story underscores the critical need for individuals to exercise their right to remain silent and engage legal counsel.

The final segment emphasizes the proactive approach of the Investigations lawyer, recounting an incident where a detective attempted to coerce the client into making statements without legal representation. The reporter stresses the significance of promptly contacting an attorney to prevent such coercive tactics, ensuring that all interactions with law enforcement are handled through legal channels. This narrative aims to educate viewers about the potential risks of navigating legal matters without proper representation.

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