Three Tips for Seeking an Attorney

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No matter the crime or accusation, everyone in the United States is entitled to the highest level of legal representation. What does this mean, exactly? It means that anyone and everyone in the U.S. has the right to an attorney in the event they face criminal charges. If one doesn’t hire an attorney, one is provided for that person by law. However, the only way to guarantee the best legal protection and outcome for any case is to seek out the best lawyer for your needs. If you’re in need of assistance in this realm, here are three major things to look for when searching for a lawyer.

1) Type of Lawyer/Specialty

This one might be obvious but it’s not to be taken lightly. The field of law is a vast one, riddled with all kinds of attorneys who specialize in various types of cases. Assault attorneys, for instance, mainly deal with cases related to assault, such as aggravated assault and assault and battery. A murder defense lawyer, on the other hand, works with cases dealing with accusations of murder and things of that nature.

There are other kinds of lawyers such as domestic violence attorneys, DUI defense attorneys, sex crime attorneys, and many more. It’s always good to read up on the different kinds of lawyers and their various sets of skills and knowledge. By understanding what each type of lawyer can do, you can better make a decision on who to hire as your attorney.

2) Positive Human Traits: Honesty, Experience, Responsiveness

Over the years, the profession of attorney has gotten somewhat of a bad rap over the years due to a minority of unprofessional, selfish lawyers who care more about their paycheck than their client and the rule of law. However, most lawyers do not fall into this category. Even still, some lawyers are undoubtedly more trustworthy than others. Some have more experience and are also more responsive as well.

These three traits, while not the only ones to consider, are perhaps the most important when examining the character of your potential lawyer. A good way to quickly figure out if the attorney possesses these qualities is to look for some key signals such as eye contact and attentive listening habits. If the lawyer is doing all the talking and making you feel uncomfortable asking questions, this is a bad sign. Make sure your concerns are always heard so they can be met.

3) How Much Will it Cost?

For most people, money is always a significant factor, and this is no different in legal matters. Lawyer fees can be costly, but many lawyers offer free initial consultations. Seek out these ones first. In addition, many law firms will only charge you if they win the case, and will sometimes cause the other party to pay some or all of the fees.

As always, doing some online research into different law firms and lawyers is key in the decision making process. It’s especially important when seeking out, say, a murder defense lawyer, since this particular field is extremely complicated and serious. But no matter the kind of lawyer one is seeking, whether it be an assault attorney, DUI defense attorney, or murder defense lawyer, one must keep these three tips in mind. An honest, responsive, experienced lawyer with a fair price is the best way to go. Get the protection you deserve.

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