Steps to Take When Arrested for a DUI

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Driving under the influence of any substance can be extremely dangerous. Most people are aware of this, yet many people are faced with driving under the influence charges. A driving under the influence charge, or a DUI, can have many life changing consequences. You will be severely fined, you may have to take drug or alcohol addiction classes, you will be on probation, and you may find it difficult to gain employment with your DUI charge. This can be especially troublesome for someone with a first time charge, who has learned their lesson. It can also be difficult for someone who was barely over the limit, not quite realizing that they were doing something so illegal.

Do everything the police officer says. If the police officer who pulled you over says that you are over the limit, and you do not believe him, you still need to listen to him. For the DUI charge to hold up in a legal case, the arresting office must provide you with a breathalyzer test. This is a test that measures your blood alcohol content level, and tells them if you are over the legal driving limit or not. They will likely test you right after being pulled over, and then again, at the police station, after you are booked.

Call a DUI law office. Once you are booked, it is important to contact a DUI law office, as soon as possible. They can provide you with recommendations and tips on how to handle the booking. If you have a lawyer on call, it may be a good idea to even call them while you are still in the holding cell. Otherwise, have someone bail you out of jail and then consult with a DUI criminal attorney once you are out.

Consult with your new DUI law office attorney. It may take a couple of weeks to choose a DUI law firm that you prefer and feel comfortable with. Once you do, you will want to consult with them about your case. They will work on getting you the least possible sentence and consequences, based on the specifics of your case.
For example, if you were barely at the legal limit, your blood alcohol content level may have reduced below the legal limit by the time you reached the police station. The State of Oregon, for example, prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with a .08% or above blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If you were above the .08% when you were arrested, but below the .08% by the time you reached the police station, you may be able to have your legal case reduced.

Understand your case. The law firm will look at all aspects of the case, attempting to find ways to reduce your fine, your sentencing, or your probation amount. Sometimes, you may have the option to do more of one to reduce another part of the sentence, such as paying a larger fine to avoid jail time or a longer probation sentence.

Some states may have minimum mandatory sentences. The first time you are arrested for drunk driving in the state of Oregon, you will receive a mandatory 1 year suspension of your driver?s license. You will also spend a minimum of 48 hours in jail or ordered to serve 80 hours of community service. The fine for your first DUII in Oregon will be a minimum of $1,000.

Complete your sentence. Whatever sentence your DUI law office criminal lawyer is able to get for you must be completed. If you do not complete it, you may be faced with additional jail time. It is important to learn from your mistake, and complete the sentence. Remember to find different transportation in the future if you have been drinking at all, because additional charges can be even more troublesome.

Driving under the influence is illegal. However, it is generally not that cut and dry. What if you had one or two drinks and did not realize you were over the limit? What if there was a problem with the breathalyzer test? It can be beneficial to hire a DUI law office attorney to assist with a DUI legal case.

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