Problems on the Road? Get a Traffic Attorney!

Reckless driving california

You’re on your way to work as you get caught by a red light. Patiently, you wait with the other commuters for the signal to proceed. At last it turns green. You accelerate. You see a car barreling your way and slam on your brakes, but too late. The crunch of metal on metal and shrieking tires ring in your ears as the force of the impact throws you like a ragdoll as far as your seatbelt will allow. You’re in pain, but you’re alive.

The United States is filled with millions people and approximately 200 million are licensed drivers as of May 2014. For the many without registered drivers licenses, fleeing the scene of an accident was a constant pattern as they’re 66% more likely to flee than a registered driver (and fleeing drivers account for approximately 11% of accidents), according to the American Automobile Association. With this many people driving, naturally there’s a constant flow of misdemeanor or felony traffic violations ending up in county court. Competent legal representation is imperative in DMV hearings or when fighting a red light ticket. While representation is not a requirement for getting out of a traffic ticket, a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney is a way to beat the system.

California is big and you need big representation. Do you need to know when to fight a speeding ticket or how to get compensated for that hit and run car accident? Stuck on a conference call on the road and got a ticket? Stop letting the state get their way! Take them to county court! While speeding is a leading factor in 29% of car accidents, speed in the courtroom is what you need! Check out the big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco for competent attorneys who will get you the compensation you deserve at the speed you want.

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