American Personal Rights Commercial cases,Judge abraham sofaer,Judge stephen larson Mediation Services May Help Mitigate Unwanted Media Attention for High-Profile Firms

Mediation Services May Help Mitigate Unwanted Media Attention for High-Profile Firms

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America has never made any secret of its decades-long fascination with the inner workings of organized crime. Books, movies, internet websites, and even trading cards have often made ersatz celebrities out of the infamous inhabitants of the underbelly of American society. Intense levels of media coverage can make even venerable institutions more than a little reluctant to prosecute internal fraud.

What many company leads may not be apprised of, however, is the existence of mediation services. Neutral mediation services can often work with complex commercial or civil disputants to co-create a satisfactory resolution; mediation adheres to extant conditions of the law yet is often conducted in a more conversational fashion than traditional courtroom proceedings.

In certain areas around the world, there is a history of labor racketeering, for instance: the introduction of coercion or force into union negotiations, hiring practices, and deal-making at the highest levels of industry has forced many a company’s hand. Having to prosecute white collar offenses can usher privately-held companies into a media spotlight that may reflect poorly on an otherwise untarnished public image. Excising internal fraud, on the other hand, can also generate long-term business with similarly committed business partners.

Mediation services are designed to help companies prevail in potentially high-profile cases such as Medicare fraud cases, patent litigation disputes, securities fraud investigations, and charges of labor racketeering. Experienced mediation firms often retain judges with decades of experience who can assist companies in finding a path that is satisfactory to both parties involved.

Mock trials are often combined with standard mediation services; reputable companies work to find an effective neutral mediator who can assess complex situations, who is intimately familiar with the law, and who has a professional reputation that is beyond reproach. For complex commercial disputes that need to be resolved with high levels of professional integrity and a minimum of outside interference, mediation proceedings can often provide timely, satisfactory resolutions.

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