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Jump for Jack / Bail for Bethell – Skydiving for Charity

Spirits were very high at Skydive Toronto as a number of people prepared to take part in the Jump for Jack / Bail for Bethell Skydiving for charity. The event also coincided with the launch of the new Wallis for Wellness website.

Colorful umbrellas dotted the grounds outside the hangar, which had taken on a Festival look as children had their faces painted, people milled around, relaxed in chairs on the grass and families sat together enjoying a nice picnic. Inside, everyone got dressed in their flight suits, climbed into their skydiving rigs, and donned their helmets. Once every strap was tightened and all the preparations were complete, the smiling volunteers climbed aboard the waiting aircraft where they were joined by the team of professional skydivers. As everyone huddled close together in the open belly of the aircraft, the pilot started the engine and steered them out onto the runway. The collective feeling of excitement was palpable and could be clearly seen on everyone’s faces as the airplane picked up speed and lifted off into the sky.

Fear did not appear to be present on the flight, as the first two jumpers moved eagerly to the open door, ready to exit the aircraft. With a smile on their faces, the instructor and volunteer pushed off and dropped out into the open air. Far below, the Canadian landscape gave the tandem jumpers a wonderful view as they became one with the sky.

Each successive jump saw more people experiencing the exhilaration and freedom of soaring through the air. When the time came, parachutes were deployed, and each jumper transitioned from the freefall into a nice, relaxing flight under the canopy as they slowly descended.

With legs held out straight and a flare of the chute, each tandem couple made a soft landing in the grass of the drop zone. Safely back on terra firma, big thumbs up were accompanied by joyful cries and high fives all around.

Soon after the jumps were completed, the host was joined by her daughter and Lisa Bethel of Live Right Now (along with her daughter). Lisa was one of the 19 people who jumped today, and she really urged all Canadians to “Live Right Now.”

For more information on the Families of SMA, Bethell Hospice, Champions 4 Change, Live Right Now and Wallis for Wellness, that were each a part of this event, please visit the websites provided at the end of the video.

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