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How to Find a Quality Divorce Lawyer

If someone is facing a divorce, they’ll need help to navigate legal hurdles ahead of them. In their YouTube video, “How to Find the Best Divorce Attorneys,” the team at Ask The Lawyers reviews the attorney selection process. Experienced divorce attorney Chaim Steinberger provided insight into that process.

Why Speaking Ability Matters

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Mr. Steinberger suggested an attorney’s skill at speaking is paramount to their ability to succeed. A divorce lawyer has the responsibility to persuade the judge that their client has a more compelling case. Although some divorces are amicable, there may still be aspects contended by the spouses. He further stated an expert lawyer not only needs a comprehensive knowledge of the law but also an ability to convince the judge.

Can the Lawyer Convince the Judge?

Mr. Steinberger continued by defining the core purpose of a lawyer: they must be a truth-teller. A judge always wants to discern the truth, and they will define truth as compliance with the law. The ability to convince the judge will be most important when determining child custody. If a client desires full custody, the lawyer must convey aspects of their client to help the judge see them as the more appropriate parent.

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