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How Lobbyists Have Controlled Your Life


If you are an American, it is very likely that lobbying has had a huge impact on your life whether or not you have been aware of it. IF you don’t know what lobbying is, it is actually quite simple. Lobbying is when lobbyists donate to political parties or politicians in an attempt to help sway the way they will vote. Corporations have often had an impact on American politics, even at the global stage.

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For example, the United Fruit Company lobbied in order to get help from the Government of the United States of America to basically support a coup in Guatemala due to a socialist regime coming into power. The Guatemalan government attempted to redistribute land to its people, but much of it belonged to the United Fruit Company. This would’ve been terrible for business, and thus the United Fruit Company asked the United States government to help end this socialist regime. Government relations remain incredibly complex to this very day, especially federal government relations. Lobbying isn’t always bad though; the people can lobby as well and try to get their own desires fulfilled. Lobbying services can be provided by various organizations that employ lobbyists who specialize in lobbying services, and you can get in contact with them today.

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