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Five Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Business Litigation Law

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What is business litigation? Legal experts consider the business litigation definition to be the legal practice that deals with conflicts of a commercial or business-related nature.

And business litigation continues to be one of the fastest-rising areas of law — in many courts across the country, more than 60% of all the cases filed involve employment law claims, business and construction law and business litigation law.

Here are five of the most interesting and lesser-known facts about business litigation law in the United States:

1. For employment law claims, business litigation attorneys tend to stick to state courts. Research has shown that employees filing an employment lawsuit will be likelier to win their case in a state court rather than a federal court.

2. More business litigation lawsuits are being filed than ever before. In the last 20 years, the number of employee lawsuits alone has risen by an astonishing 400%, and 58% of American small businesses experienced legal troubles in 2013.

3. Small businesses drive the American economy: You probably didn’t know that the number of people employed by a small business is currently around 54 million — and that number continues to grow. In addition, 52% — more than half — of the country’s sales each year come from small business.

4. As small businesses continue to grow, so will the amount of business litigation lawsuits involving small businesses. In 2013, approximately 40% of small businesses reported experiencing some sort of legal trouble.

5. Business litigation law can help you reach a settlement you deserve. While the vast majority of all business litigation cases are settled out of court, this doesn’t mean that the out-of-court settlements are paltry or unfair. When you work with a business litigation attorney, you can be confident that the outcome of your case will be one you deserve. To see more, read this.

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