6 Surprisingly True Facts About Divorce

If you find yourself navigating a divorce after 5 years of marriage, seeking guidance from local divorce attorneys is crucial. Understanding your options when confronted with the statement “My wife filed for divorce, now what?” or “What is informal separation?” is vital. Often, people contemplate the distinction between an informal separation and divorce, seeking clarity on these differing legal states.

Local experts specializing in divorce law changes and case details provide invaluable insights during such challenging times. Divorce attorneys in your area offer tailored advice based on your specific circumstances. They help demystify the process and provide guidance on legal steps to take when facing divorce.

Informal separation varies from divorce in that it’s not a legally binding dissolution of marriage. Despite living separately, the couple remains legally married. Understanding the implications and differences between these options is essential when dealing with marital discord. Knowing what divorce law changes you need to be aware of and how they can impact your case.

Navigating the complexities of divorce law necessitates expert guidance. Local divorce attorneys serve as invaluable resources, offering personalized counsel and ensuring you comprehend the implications of each step, empowering you to make informed decisions during this challenging period.

Divorce process

Love is like a dance, and it takes two to tango. Sometimes the person of your dreams is really more like a nightmare than anything else. With skyrocketing divorce rates, its easy to find someone who’s went through the divorce process. There are several queues to pay attention to that can act as “divorce red flags.” After checking out these ten divorce facts, you might want to change some habits before you too end up in the middle of a lengthy divorce process.

1. Love is Not in the Air
In an ironic twist for the ages, the month where divorces are most frequently filed just so happens to be February, right when the most romantic day in America takes place! Do your sweethearts happen to come with divorce forms?

2. Doing Your Fair Share
A Norwegian study from 2012 shows how divorce rates are actually twice as high in a home where couples divide the housework as opposed to those where the wife alone handles household chores. Who knew that laundry and dish disputes could result in divorce papers?

3. That’ll Teach You to Mess With My Heart…
Ironically, a study done by the University of Florence has found that men and women who cheat on their spouses are actually at a greater risk for cardiovascular events including fatal heart attacks. Be careful of who you mess around with!

4. The Cost of Overtime
While one would deduce that more overtime could only make a family happier with more money, a 2012 study released by the European Economic Review has found that women who work just an extra 12 minutes a week face an increased 1% risk for marital breakdowns. Perhaps they’re working overtime to pay for a divorce attorney?

5. Smokers are Jokers
Marriages where only one partner smokes cigarettes has a 75% increased chance of ending in a divorce. Trust us, a patch or gum is a lot cheaper than having to pay for the divorce process!

6. First, Second, and Third Time’s a Charm!
Divorce rates for a first marriage in the United States is around 41%. A second marriage’s divorce rate is around 60% while a third marriage is nearly 73%. At some point you have to ask if its the priest or the divorce lawyer who is to blame!
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