5 Reasons to Contact an Employment Lawyer Right Away

It is always important to get fair treatment in the workplace. When this does not happen, you may need to find civil employment lawyers to help you to bring a suit against your employer. Just like an injury lawyer, these attorneys are there to fight for you so that you get what you deserve. If you have been treated unfairly in the workplace, you need a good employment law advocate to be on your side and to tell you what the law says about the way you were treated. Often, the civil suit has merit and can be brought in front of a judge.

If you have a corporate employment attorney, be sure to take his advice on what to do next. There may be several things that he asks you to do in order to gather evidence for your potential lawsuit. Be sure that you are clean on the law when you do these things. Gathering evidence has to be done properly, or it may be thrown out of court. When you have a lawsuit that you want to bring, it can be frightening, but your lawyer is there to fight for you. You may even get an impressive settlement.

Statistics show that between April 2006 to January 2011, nearly 40% of all workers in the construction industry had their jobs eliminated. In some cases, workers can lose their jobs because workplace discrimination has taken place. Dealing with losing your job is often a stressful time. If you feel your workplace is breaking key employment rules, it’s time to hire a lawyer. Here are five situations where it’s best to contact an employment law attorney.

  1. Dangerous Workplace

    It’s understandable to ask what does an employment law attorney do? You’ll find that employment lawyers work to help clients that are dealing with unlawful working conditions. Businesses must ensure that all local and national laws are being followed. Many laws a business owner must adhere to are those regarding workplace safety. If you’re put in a workplace situation that is unsafe, it’s time to contact a lawyer right away.
  1. Discrimination Occurs in the Workplace

    Unfortunately, workers face discrimination concerns in any industry. Construction law deals with ensuring that contractors are able to work in environments free from discrimination. No one is exempt from workplace discrimination. Every worker has rights that must be followed by employers. Discrimination takes place in any situation where a worker is treated unfairly based on a number of factors including, race, age, gender, and religion.
When to make an appeal
  1. Harassment by Colleagues

    A workplace needs to be an environment where everyone feels comfortable. There are many misconceptions surrounding what constitutes harassment in the workplace. If something makes you feel uncomfortable or crosses the line, you’re probably being harassed. An employment lawyer will work to ensure harassed clients aren’t swept under the rug by a company. No worker deserves to suffer from emotional or physical abuse while working.
  1. Wrongful Termination Occurs

    No worker wants to think about their job being terminated. Certain employers may try to deceive employees while they are being terminated. Many terminated workers spend time asking themselves what does an employment law attorney do during this type of case. In a large number of wrongful termination situations, an employer may try and withhold wages. Losing out on wages often ends up putting the future of many families in jeopardy. It’s imperative to contact an employment law attorney if you feel that wrongful termination has occurred. Statistics from a 2005 review of civil cases found that plaintiffs win 68% of all bench trials and 54% of all jury trials. A construction lawyer will help to ensure that you have as much evidence in your favor as possible if your case is heard in the courtroom.
  1. Employer and Employee Settle Terms Through ADR

    Statistics from the American Arbitration Association find that alternative dispute resolution or ADR is often preferred in the construction industry. The median time from the filing to award phase for arbitration cases taking place in 2015 only lasted 232 days. It makes sense that both a company and former employee will want to have matters resolved in a relatively quick manner. You might wonder what does an employment law attorney do if ADR is the chosen method for resolving disputes. An employment attorney can help ensure you’re well represented in the event that any agreements come to a halt during arbitration.

In summary, there are several situations where a former, current, or prospective worker needs to contact a lawyer. Many workers find themselves wondering what does an employment law attorney do without seeking their help when dealing with workplace matters. You might find that a lawyer is the best possible ally to have while attempting to take an employer to court. If you find yourself in any workplace situations that cause you to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you’ll want to contact an employment lawyer. Many former employees contact an employment attorney after being terminated. Wrongful termination is one of the largest dangers faced by workers, especially those in the construction industry. If an employer wants to stay out of the courtroom and utilize alternative dispute resolution, you’ll still want to have a lawyer on your side. A lawyer helps to ensure all wronged workers are professionally represented.

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