Are You Required to Report Car Accidents to Law Enforcement?

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Car accidents can be stressful and even traumatizing, and you’ll be left with many questions: Am I a victim of DUI or DWI? Do I need an car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer? Who’s at fault? And who should I call after a car accident?

Many of these questions have no definitive answers; they’re largely based on the specific situation. But there are strict rules governing when you’re required to call law enforcement professionals.

The laws surrounding accident reporting differ widely from state to state. Many states have laws in place that require individuals to report all accidents that result in an injury. Other states require involved parties to report accidents when the damage is over a certain cost threshold.

Regardless of what your state says concerning contacting law enforcement, you’re always required to exchange contact information including insurance numbers, in case either of you needs the information for an insurance agent or car accident attorney.

If the other driver refuses to provide their information, or if you can’t agree over who caused the accident, it’s best to contact law enforcement immediately. The responding officer will be able to encourage the exchange of information and investigate the scene. Investigations performed by the police at the scene of the accident can be crucial to your car accident attorney’s case.

You should also contact law enforcement if there’s even the slightest chance you were injured. Too many people get flustered at the scene of the accident and tell the other driver they’re okay, only to find out days or weeks later that they actually did obtain an injury. At this point, it may be too late for even the best personal injury lawyer to get your compensation, since the other driver could claim the accident never occurred.

Calling law enforcement is the best way to compile definitive evidence about the accident just in case you need to file a claim or lawsuit.

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